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X-men : 100 Icons Challenge
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Welcome to 100x_men. This is an icon challenge community based on, and inspired by icons100 and disney100. However, this community is for the X-men fandom.

This community sets the challenge to individuals of the X-men Community to create 100 icons relating to a specific or general parts of X-men such as a specific relationship (eg. between Jean Grey and Scott Summers) or a specific storyline (Astonshing x-men or a story arc e.g. 'she lies with angels') - it's up to you to pick a subject which you then claim so no one else will make the same icon set as you... Or, at least, not until you've finished your challenge (or decided to pass it on without finishing (hopefully this won't happen)). Claims can only be made by one person which will run until they have finished their challenge. You may make two claims at the one time.
You will be set 50 themes (listed below) which will require you to make one icon per theme and then you will have 50 "Artist's Choice" whereby you create fifty icons relating to your subject but relating to your own themes (if any).

** Join using the icon journal you will be posting icons with (and/or "lj cutting" to).
** Icon-ists of all abilities are welcome here! You do not need to consider yourself (or be considered) the best icon-maker. Just your interest and will to complete the challenge is enough.
** Once you have joined the community (and your "request" to join has been "approved" by a moderator) then check the claims list and if your claim hasn't already been claimed head over to this post and claim it (following the instructions in the post).
** If your subject has aleady been claimed why not claim a different subject?
** You will have a week (9 days) to post your first batch of icons. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself unable to do so please email lovehorsesandlegolas@hotmail.com as soon as possible to explain why. If not, your claim will be removed and someone else will be able to claim it instead.
** Overall, you will have 10 weeks to complete the challenge.
** If you are unable to complete the challenge or lose interest in it please email lovehorsesandlegolas@hotmail.com as soon as possible and your claim will be removed.
** If you manage to complete the challenge, comment here and you will be awarded with a shiney banner banner.
** After you have completed your challenge someone else will be able to claim it and you will able to claim another topic.

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1. Join the community before making a claim. If you do not, your claim will not be approved.

2. Each person is allowed two claims. No more. If you want more, finish your current claims and then claim again.

3. Once you have been approved you have one week to post up your first batch of icons, and 10 weeks to make all 100. If circumstances arise that do not allow for this please email lovehorsesandlegolas@hotmail.com as soon as possible.

4. All 100x-men icon posts must be posted up to a LiveJournal Journal. Please use "lj-cuts" to speed up loading times of the main page. You can use "fake" lj-cuts that lead to icon journals or real lj-cuts. It's up to you. As long as they're behind a cut. Previews of 2-3 icons are fine, but anything beyond that must be behind a cut. You do not have to post your icons in a fancy way. Posting them in the way you want is fine - tables or no tables. Your choice.

When the icons are posted to the community, please use this format:
Number of Icons: if not stated above
Due Date:this will be given once your subject is approved

5. Each claim subject (character, relationship, etc.) can only be claimed by ONE PERSON.

6. Feel free to post bits and pieces of your 100 icons in as many posts as you need (as long as at least 4 or 5 icons are in each post). However, to recieve your banner for completing the challenge, once you finish your 100 icons, all 100 must be posted up in one post.

7. Please try not to post icons that contain adult themes. The X-men Community consists of many different people with different ideas, ages, etc. If you truly must post such icons ensure they are behind a cut and that there is a warning to those reading your post. If you fail to do this your post will be deleted.

8. Fifty icons must follow the fifty themes created for the challenge, and the other fifty can be labeled as artist's choice. For the themes, your icons do not have to contain the word of the theme, the themes are just there to help guide your imagination to create your own icons. If you have any major problems with any of the themse please email lunaillustris @ googlemail.com. The fifty themes follow (make of it what you will):

50 T H E M E D

001 : good 002 : evil 003 : powers 004 : teamwork 005 : sadness/tears
006 : death 007 : black&white 008 : lyrical 009 : quote 010 : happy/smile
011 : sympathy 012 : uniform 013 : fight 014 : love 015 : hate
016 : mentor 017 : time 018 : seasons 019 : friendship 020 : child
021 : selective colour 022 : nickname(s) 023 : code name 024 : lonely 025 : pain
026 : colour 027 : dark 028 : light 029 : freedom 030 : hush
031 : angry 032 : cute 033 : jealous 034 : dream(s) 035 : rage
036 : sexy 037 : trust 038 : belief 039 : x (symbol) 040 : young
041 : funny 042 : longing 043 : normal 044 : fantasy 045 : party/celebration
046 : battle 047 : cool 048 : loyal 049 : tired 050 : sour
Icon Count : 00/50 Last update: --/--/--

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